How We Can Help

Insurance companies are increasingly challenged to provide new solutions to address the healthcare and economic impacts of non-adherence. We can assist payers with a medication therapy management program to address the healthcare and cost implications of non-adherence.

Because many physicians are overwhelmed with patient caseloads, they cannot dedicate much time to patient medication review. Therefore they may appreciate the opportunity for a comprehensive medication review for a targeted group of their patients.

Disease State Management

Reviewing the patient’s personal disease state and providing medication evaluation custom to that patient’s current condition

More than a consultation

A medication consult only reviews the medications for conflict, it does not take into consideration the disease state as our service does.


iii. An MTM program works by designing a medication treatment plan for each individual patient and monitoring a patient’s response to medications over time. The MTM process includes:

  1. Medication Therapy Review- as indicated an extensive review of all medications.
  2. Personal Medication Record – the patient receives a personal medication record.
  3. Medication Action Plan – a copy of the medication action plan to help to reach their goals.
  4. Intervention – this entire process is an intervention to improve the patients wellbeing
  5. Referral – we will provide referrals as needed
  6. Documentation – copies of all documentation
  7. Follow-up – additional  consultations to help the patient stay on track.


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