The main goal of this service is to identify, prevent and resolve all medication related problems. As the cost of medication non-adherence reaches over $300 billion annually. Essentially, MTM is a process for evaluating each patient’s medications to ensure that they are on the right drug, at the right dosage and at the right time. This can be achieved in a targeted manner as we focus on a particular drug or disease state. However the best approach is to take a comprehensive look at all the patients medications, as we consider their overall health and all lifestyle factors.Generally this process leads to the best results for patients and their families.


Our services make meds work. Because we provide the education and assistance to help patients use their medications more efficiently which is more cost-effective and more beneficial to them. And in most cases MTM is covered by the patient’s insurance.


Private insurers as well as Medicare Part D sponsors and the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services benefit from our services because it encourages quality patient care as it lowers or removes unnecessary drug use. And reduces the number of unused drugs as it enhances adherence.

Healthcare Providers:

We provide patient medication therapy education in addition to verifying patient and medication information to make sure that everything is correct and nothing is missing.The MTM process can help to significantly improve a provider’s Star Rating with CMS.
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